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The Artvising® Experience

What we do for you.

Artvising® is an exclusive consultancy service for the most demanding private art collectors in the world. Monica will guide you through a carefully tailored experience that may very well change the way you appreciate art. We understand how to make this journey a truly pleasurable moment and we have designed our service to accompany you through every step of the way.

Artvising® is more than art advising , it is an educated, fun, creative way of engaging with a whole art community, other collectors, museums and events.



Due diligence through Monica’s extensive art network, along with the aid of databases, catalogs, & reference books, assures confidence in your potential acquisition.

Budget Development

Monica’s strong negotiating skills will help you define your desires within budget allowing you to  plan into the future.


Monica is an established international art collector & advisor, offering you access to unique pieces of art & auctions not available to the general public.


Exclusive access to artists for custom-made  commissions:  painting, sculptures, installations.


Monica’s creativity & knowledge of art will help you choose art pieces that will inspire & nourish  and bring life to your surroundings.

Collection Management

As your collection grows, Monica will create a comprehensive catalog of your art, as well as plans for safeguarding the pieces to maintain their integrity .

Art as Investment

Monica brings to you the collector her knowledge of the complexities and competitiveness of the ever changing art market. 

Related Services

Monica will advise on shipping which includes: insurance & worldwide transportation. Other services include  appraisals, tax and estate planning, deposit storage and conservation and restoration.  We can also facilitate loans using art as collateral.

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Whether a new or seasoned collector, Monica will support your collection acquisitions with sophistication, accumulated knowledge, connections, and expertise tailored exclusively for you.