In today’s hyper-competitive market, working with an art advisor is essential

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Competition for the finest works of art is growing. And, with the number of Ultra High Net Worth Individuals set to soar in the next five years (the Wealth Report estimates this segment will grow by 27 percent), I anticipate competition in the art market is only set to intensify.

I’ve been an art collector and art patron  for 30 years, and the current market is unprecedented. It is no longer sufficient for well-intentioned buyers to simply purchase a sought-after work of art in today’s market – contacts really are everything. With galleries and dealers seeking the best possible exposure for the artists they represent, and with new talent regularly coming to the fore, it can be a complex world to navigate and truly understand the works of art worth investing in. And - just because an established artist produces an exceptional piece - it doesn’t always mean that it is an investable work of art, or more importantly, a piece you will cherish and enjoy living with.

An experienced art advisor can help de-risk the art-buying process and open doors that would ordinarily be closed to even the most connected of art collectors. As an art advisor myself I have helped hundreds of people navigate the often-complex art acquisition process, enabling my clients to secure exceptional works of art that also represent a sound investment.

In today’s hyper-competitive market it has never been more necessary to have such an ally. If you are planning on investing seriously in art this year please read on. 


My established contacts with leading galleries, auction houses, artists and collectors mean my clients are invited into a world that they are typically shut out from when acting alone.

Good art is in high demand, and galleries often offer the best works of art to loyal collectors and trusted clients first. This is a barrier to those wishing to enter the art market, preventing them from securing the most sought-after works. As a trusted client of the world’s most respected galleries, I can remove this barrier, giving my clients access to the finest artworks before the general public.

Additionally, galleries also want to ensure works of art are going to a good home. They avoid selling to people interested only in “flipping” the work for profit, which can destabilise the market, or who will perhaps place the work in storage for decades, removing it from sight. When a gallery works with a trusted art advisor, they know that the client is vetted, and they can also gain additional exposure for the artist by ensuring the work is seen by the right people.


Accessing works of art is one thing, but knowing what to buy can also be difficult for those not knowledgeable about the art world. While an artist’s work might be highly collectable, only certain pieces from their oeuvre will be particularly sought-after. Fine details, such as composition, the originality of the medium, or novelty of the approach, set these works apart.

I have lived and breathed the art world for the past 30 years and have developed a strong intuition for identifying the artworks my clients will truly appreciate. I advise and educate my clients on which artists to invest in, introducing them to new and emerging artists that they may not have considered while also helping them to fine-tune their collection. I also get to know my clients to understand their desires, values, interests and what is driving their emotions to purchase a piece of artwork to gain a deep understanding of what art will appeal to them, enabling me to connect my clients with artwork that they will have a lasting love for.

Many of my clients don’t have time to visit galleries to discover the pieces they wish to purchase. So I do the legwork for them. I am constantly immersed in the world of art, attending gallery openings, fairs, and auctions, as well as sitting in museum boards and attending private events where I am exposed to what is going on, and where. This market intelligence enables me to handpick desirable works of art that will appeal to my clients.

Offering a completely turnkey service, I can also handle the negotiations and acquisition process, offering a complete transparency with clear price breakdowns. With contacts across the art world, I often benefit from a discount, which I pass on to my clients.

Post-acquisition guidance

Finally, what do you do once you have acquired a work of art? Insurance, handling, shipping, and hanging – I arrange all this for my clients, providing various options and different price points to ensure a hassle-free art acquisition process. 

I also ensure the work is sold with all the correct documents, including a warranty of good title to the art and professional condition report. Finally, I always suggest that an Art Loss Register report is sought to ensure that the work you are acquiring has not been reported stolen or missing.

There can be no question that those seeking the very finest artworks coupled with the desire to de-risk the acquisition process need the knowledge and know-how of an experienced art advisor.

If you are seeking advice ahead of key events like Art Basel Miami, it would be my pleasure to meet you and discuss your needs - please email or call/whatsapp me on +1 305 2068880.

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